I have written several plugins for WordPress, WordPress MU, BuddyPress, and bbPress to better link the three pieces of software and solve problems that I was having. This site is powered by the WordPress engine and I often find it easier to just create a new, simple plugin whenever I have to add something to the header of every page. It certainly beats having to edit the theme files.

I have written several WordPress themes, specifically, Black Plastic as well as Yellow Fusion. Black Plastic was a simple, dark theme with white text while yellow fusion was very similar expect with the colors more pointed at yellows and oranges. Unfortunately, due to some problems with my webserver, they were both deleted and are irrevocably lost as I hadn’t implemented a backup strategy at the time (lesson learned).

Another interesting project of mine was flashing, debranding, customizing, and patching my Sony Ericsson W580i from AT&T in the USA. It was a long project, but I learned a lot about Sony Ericsson phones and how to customize their software. It really is very easy once you get the hang of it and it was great fun! I even ended up writing several tutorials at

I’ve done several projects for Livescribe’s Echo & Pulse Smartpens.

Recently, I’ve worked with the Raspberry Pi.

I’m one of the co-developers of the Illini Ticket Exchange, a student ticket buying/selling system developed for use by students at the University of Illinois. This is python project using the Django engine and Twitter’s Bootstrap CSS library.

I’m in the process of making several different applications for Microsoft’s Windows 8 & Phone 8 Stores.

I’m currently working on a couple of different android apps as well as Arduino related projects.

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