I’ve done several small projects for the Livescribe’s Pulse & Echo Digital Smartpens. It’s truly made a difference in the way I work. You can read my review which explains why, here. As I’ve found the device to be such a useful tool, I’ve ended up creating several things to make my day to day life easier. At the request of several people, I’ve put them here. Clicking on their name will take you to their individual page.

I have since increased the number of each type of notepad to 8 and have also released 2 other types of notepads: blank notepads, and lab notebooks. These are currently only deployable through my Custom Paper Deployment Tool as Livescribe has closed their Developer’s Program.

Here are the instructions to deploy any paper products that I have created. These instructions should also apply to paper products created by any other developer as long as you have access to the files.

As Livescribe has closed their Developer’s Program, you now need to use my Custom Paper Development Tool to deploy all custom paper.

Here are the instructions to┬ásynchronize Livescribe Desktop’s data across multiple computers using Dropbox.

I have also released my Template Overlay Tool which allows you to overlay a template on top of Livescribe’s dot pattern.

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    Hi Rohan I would like to ask you to develop some stuff for me. Can you please get in touch with me? Thanks.

  2. Samuel

    Okay so I finally got my Eclipse and my pen to cooperate and have uploaded the quarter inch graph paper to it. Now here's a challenge for you. Many professors have started using PowerPoint or Microsoft journal prefabricated notes with unanswered equation examples and terms with no definition. I use my livescribe journal and pen to keep up with fast talking professors and now I sure as heck can't keep up with them blurring through these notes that the class already prints out or that I'm too too slow to keep up with. Is there a way I could get blank dotted sheets? Here's where I'm going with this, I can print out the notes like everyone else on my paper be able to go to all my voice recordings on the paper. Now you're going to say what good does that do me in the digital form because all that I will see on the screen are the words that I myself have written, however when you think about it, it's still handy from a development point. Especially for big lecture classes. For math classes it would be easy to print the notes over the graph paper already made and fill it in that way, however my only concern is would printing over the dot paper make it illegible to the pen itself?

  3. Mike

    Would it be possible to create a weekly calendar template on Livescribe Dot paper? I envision a 53 week and 12 months of unique pages that the user can fill in the month and date with their smartpen and sync it with Evernote or Livescribe online. Quick and handy!
    BTW, I downloaded your PDF of the print-your-own notepad pages and printed them on my HP 8500 A909n color ink jet printer with the page scaling set to "None". The pages work perfectly with my Echo Smartpen. I guess a Laser printer is not the only printer that prints DOT paper! Now if the Desktop software would let me print directly….Thanks for making the PDF available!

      1. Ahmad

        Are you sure you guys are no more allowed/able to create any new templates for Livescribe smartpens? What is the reason? The templates add an amazing, stunning and professional look to Smartpens. Looking forward for your reply. ­čÖé

  4. Vicki

    Hi Rohan,

    I know the developer's program has been closed down which is very unfortunate. I was just wondering if you happen to know of any A5 templates that already exist as I prefer working with this size notebook to the A4/letter size and so far I am at a loss.

    thanks for all you have done with livescribe to date!

  5. Ian Rose


    Could you tell me if you've ever done an A3 template, or if you know of one that's available anywhere else.

    Thanks for your help


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