Lined Notepads #1-4

This is the product page for my Lined Notepads #1-4.

Works with: Livescribe Pulse & Echo Smartpens

Requirements: Follow the directions on this page to successfully use it.

Downloads: Each zip file contains the PDF and the AFD file you will need. Each notepad is 50 sheets.

Printable Lined Notepad 1 – ZIP

Printable Lined Notepad 2 – ZIP

Printable Lined Notepad 3 – ZIP

Printable Lined Notepad 4 – ZIP

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions in regards to these files or the notepads themselves.

29 thoughts on “Lined Notepads #1-4

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  2. zeloran

    There is a small bug:

    The file PrintableLinedNotepad2_pen.afd needs a correct title.
    When you deploy it it shows up as "Printable Lined Notepad 1" on the stick.
    The other files are correct.

    1. Rohan Kapoor

      Thanks for letting me know. What ended up happening here is that when I pulled the license files from the Livescribe Server I accidentally named two different licenses "Printable Lined Notepad 1", you can tell though that the GUID is different between them. I'm going to take a look and see if I can fix that without pulling a new license.

      Thanks for your help!

    1. Rohan Kapoor

      You are very welcome! That's actually a very good question. I've debated adding more for a while now. Currently these provide 200 total pages in addition to the 100 provided by Livescribe Desktop. You can download the PDF's relevant to those from:… . I have also released 100 pages of graphpads downloadable from:… . Additionally, Kass Lloyd and a couple of others have released several different variations of downloadable pads. We keep a complete list on the Livescribe Forums:

      I have plans to release staff paper (for music writing) in addition to a couple more graphpads. I am actively considering more lined notepads. More user feedback will be very beneficial here. I'm going to set up a poll to get the needed information.

  3. Tristan

    Hi im new to livescribe and found after I had printed the 50 page notepad the display on my pulse said i needed to update my pens software before i could use it , please explain to me how , im uber noob … any help would be much appreciated , Thanx

  4. Jake

    What about graph paper with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 mm etc… grid sizes? These are generally better because they are metric (no one who needs graph paper should be using inches anyway; although I know some still must due to convention) and have smaller "squares" allowing one to put more on one page by drawing smaller graphs and such. Having a 5 mm grid size graph paper for this pen would be the deal-sealer for me (as of this semester I know longer used regular colleged ruled paper).

    I suppose I could just make it myself. What sort of knowledge is required to create the pages?

  5. Narayan

    Thank you very much for your efforts and the detailed instructions. For some reason i could not print directly from the SDK so i just deploed the notepad to pulse smart pen and once that was done i just printed the PDF that you had in your ZIP and that worked perfectly.

    Thanks again for your effort.

  6. hemanta

    This note book works. But Smart pen does not exit Main Menu. Further, I am looking for 1/2 inch lined custom paper note book where can I download.

  7. Bill


    I just ordered my Livescribe Pulse the other day (hasn't come yet) and have seen several of these custom paper projects. Can you briefly explain what you mean by "in addition to the 100 provided by Livescribe Desktop"? Is there a limit to how many you can print?

    What happens after you use up the 100 (or 200 if I download yours)? Maybe this will be answered when I get my owners manual, but I thought I'd ask here.


    1. Rohan Kapoor

      Hi Bill,

      Livescribe Desktop provides 4, 25 page printable notepads (which I have uploaded in PDF form here:… because most people cannot print from Livescribe Desktop because they have non-postscript compatible printers). You can use all of those concurrently and as you finish one of the 25 page notepads, you archive it from the pen (to the LD software) and then can print another.

      After you use up one of these notepads, once again, you simply archive them in the software and then can print out a new set. Hope that helps!

    1. Rohan Kapoor

      I have thought about music staff paper (and have actually gone through the effort of creating it). The problem is that I don't enough pattern licenses to release it because Livescribe closed their Developer Program. My recommendation is that you post here: and add your voice to those asking Livescribe to bring the Developer Program back.

  8. Yusuf

    thanks for your assistance.

    I was pointed to 2 links, and cant complete these 2 steps :
    Register as a Developer (if you haven’t already).
    Download the SDK (if you haven’t already).
    I know livesscribe has stopped the developer programme

    I have downloaded the custom paper deployment tool. It has successful installed on my PC.
    I'm guessing that I need to deploy the books I want, and then just simply print the PDF's that the tool provides… and not print from the livescribe desktop
    I haven't done it yet, as I would like you to confirm first.

    thanks again for the help.

  9. Pankaj

    Just wanted to thank you for the immense efforts put in to help fellow community of LiveScribe users. Your PDF files work perfectly while the LS desktop paper does not work even though its printed at 600dpi and I have a PS Canon laser mopier. I saw someone else also witnessed the slightly darker shade of your paper that I very much would like to avoid as well but still even as is, your output is big boon. Thanks again.

  10. Pankaj

    Rohan thanks for your prompt response. Since yesterday I have tried at least a dozen times to launch "Custom Paper Deployment Tool.application" but it stops somewhere around 180 mb of 734 mb. Is there a mirror to your Amazon server from where I can launch the app?

  11. Frank

    It would be extremely useful if I could just print 1cm of every lined livescribe paper page on a blank page. That way I could print my college handouts, courses and notes on them and by simple writing the date and/or time on the 1cm livescribe strip, follow the presentation page by page.

    I have been trying to slice the pdf in parts (1 line on top of every page would be splendid) but did not succeed. Another way I tried was adjusting top and bottom margins before printing, again with no result.

    Any ideas or solutions there?

    And Mr Kapoor, thank you very much for your unlined livescribe paper, it's been a great help so far!

  12. Amy

    I am just beginning to explore being able to use custom printed pages. Looking forward to seeing what possible. Thank you for your time on this project!


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