Original Printable Notepads

It has come to my attention that many users are having trouble getting their printers to print out the printable notepads from Livescribe Desktop. ┬áIn the interest of helping people, I have (using HP Universal Printing PS) obtained the Livescribe Postscript files, then converted them using Acrobat Distiller to PDF. These files are working very well on either a black & white or color laser printer as long as page scaling is turned off. I hope these files will help you too!! If anyone’s interested, I can post the original PS files.

Since I have had a lot of questions about these files, I would like to explain it simply, in a way that is understandable to everyone: these files are created from files distributed with Livescribe Desktop. You do not need to deploy an AFD file to use them as the latest (and some of the older) smartpen firmware include them already. Simply download, and print on your black & white or color laser printer after disabling page scaling.

Let me know if you have any problems or questions.

Printable Notepad 1 – Lined

Printable Notepad 2 – Lined

Printable Notepad 3 – Lined

Printable Notepad 4 – Lined

142 thoughts on “Original Printable Notepads

  1. MarkP

    hi rohan, thanks for your good work on this! it is much appreciated and i wish i had asked the livescribe support before wasting five hours trying to print the postscript files…

    i'm still new to using the livescribe pen, so please excuse my ignorance. can someone please explain why there are four notepads? they all look the same to me…

  2. Roger

    This solution worked perfectly. Thanks. I have not been able to use the livescribe software because it handles only US letter paper, which is a rarity here in the UK.

    Would it be possible for you to post A5 notebooks?


  3. barry oborne

    thank you. its very important to all work together solving these user end challenges. I,m going to take one of these files to our copy shop, and hope it printa something that works with my echo livescribe pen.

  4. alamden

    I just got a Livescribe Sky. Am considering returning it and the primary reason is that though my printer (Samsung clx-3175fw) has a postscript driver, it still isn't the proper kind of postscript apparently. Searched and searched and found this and it works!!! Thank you thank you! I will make a small donation in the next few days even if I send back. I just do not understand why the company won't buy this from you or something, and put their money where their mouth is by making the dot paper actually printable! Why? If there's anything I can do (I'm not one with any money though – but I have words) please let me know because I bought the pen thinking I don't have to buy their accessories if I don't want to, which is what's implied in their advertising and item descriptions! So thanks again!

      1. Andrew

        Thanks for your reply.

        I’m aware that it is likely you’ve been asked and answeredthese questions repeatedly..

        Seems to me that Livescribe technicians could either figure it out as you did, or invest in you – given this issue makes an item look better in advertising than it turns out to be. Would it not be in their interest to at least partner w you if not buy a license for what you’ve made?

        It is perplexing to me that I can get on live chat and Livescribe is paying their tech support people to deal w this problem by telling customers the same things that don’t solve the problem.

  5. Robin

    Hi Rohan Kapoor, I just got my livescribe echo 8gb. I tried printing these pdf's all night but cant get it done… I'm using a (black and white) HP P1102w laser printer. Which should be able to print 600, even 1200 dpi….Ofcourse i'm able to print the file but whatever setting i try (no autoscale), it just doesn't show the dots in te correct way :(. Is it my printer or has it something to do with the fact that i'm printing on A4?. Thanx (from the Netherlands!)

    1. Rohan Kapoor

      From what I've heard from talking to other people, A4 should work reasonably well with this paper as long as you still tell your printer that it is printing on letter pages. Unfortunately, if you do not, it will try to scale the pages on its own which messes up the dot pattern completely.

      1. Istvan

        Robin and Rohan,
        A4 should not be an issue. I am also using A4 paper. What is important that no automatic page adjustment (zooming) should be used. However, I am not sure if a black and white only laser printer does the job? Istvan

  6. boon

    Hello, Rohan, besides the page-size restriction that only U.S. Letter size papers can be used for printing, any other restrictions such as weight and brightness of the papers?

  7. Kenan xin

    Successfully printed using cannon mg6170,using maximum print quality setting (low and normal quality does not work ).

  8. Annamalai

    Rohan, I tried printing the Notepad Lined 1 PDF in Xerox ColorQube 9203 with options set as No Scale; print as image at 600 dpi using Adobe Acrobat 9 Std. My echo does not recognize the buttons at the bottom of the printed page. Is there something that I missed?


  9. Istvan

    My Livescribe Desktop reminds me that my Echo Smartpen is out of date, and I should update it to version 2.9.1. Does anyone know if that update is dangerous (or safe) that I can not use your dot papers anymore? I am asking this because I simply do not trust this company anymore. Sorry for that…. May be I am wrong….

  10. Andrew Webster

    I have recently purchased an echo pen and tried to print the livescribe notepad from there website using a canon printer with postscript driver. The calculator page I printed first worked fine but the notepad did not work I passed the question to Livescribe who emailed myself and gave me a link to your page I have now printed your page on my rather normal home Epson SX235W and it works fine.

    Many Many thanks, this means I can now print the notepad at work using their paper and ink. I would suggest that you should consider setting up templates for GTD project management methodology as I am sure you could charge for that as most IT companies I have worked in are still using or moving towards using this system. If you require a guinea pig to test pages let me know

  11. Christine


    I need to print some live scribe labels for my team at preschool. The issue I want confirmed is can you tell me where or how I print labels for my livescribe and if you can add additional text to a label whilst printing. As I have a desired tick box that need to be added along with a comment box. But would be amazing if I could do this all on a label for the livescribe to recognise.

    Would you be able to let me know ?

    Thanks Chris

    1. Rohan Kapoor

      Hi Christine,

      Unfortunately there is no way that I know of to print labels. Livescribe also is not allowing us as developers to make anything more for the platform.

  12. amit tatia

    its not working…

    plz, if can help, tell me how to install the "postscript driver" in HP Laserjet 1020 plus printer.!!!

  13. schrdodinger

    Did anyone manage to print the paper using an HP monochrome (black and white) laserjet? if so, what is the model and the settings used? I hope you can tell me dear Rohan if you managed to do so because my purchase for the pen depends on this fact as I can't get color laserjet.

  14. JonW

    Is there anything that prevents me from just printing a sheet of dots, and then printing my own content in cyan above the dots? This seems much easier than installing software, etc. If so, is there any such paper/pdf already available, or would I need to create my own "custom" blank paper?


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