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—————————- Description: —————————-

This plugin is based off of code from my plugin, WordPress MU Favicon. While that plugin sticks a favicon on all WordPress Pages, this one sticks on all bbPress Pages It’s useful for community sites that want to apply a favicon sitewide. As of now, unfortunately you need to manually enter the location of the favicon. Soon there will be an admin interface set up for it.

—————————- Download: —————————-

bbPress Favicon is hosted at the bbPress Plugin Repository. You can view the bbPress plugin page here or directly download it.

—————————- Installation: —————————-

  1. Upload bbpress-favicon.php to the /bb-plugins/ directory (if you are using wordpress)
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in bbPress.
  3. The Plugin works!
  4. Edit the uploaded plugin file with the location of the the favicon.
—————————- Frequently Asked Questions: —————————-

At this point, there are no frequently asked questions. As this changes, you will see them here.

—————————- Screenshots: —————————-
There Are No Screenshots of bbPress Favicon Available At This Time. As this changes, you will see them here.
—————————- Changelog: —————————-


  • First Release
  • Working with 1.x
—————————- Support: —————————-

Support is provided at my support forums: or through the comment system here. If you register on the site you will be able to post comments and post in the forum.

Enjoy the Plugin! 🙂

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