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I code in html, php, and css. My primary platform that I work on/with is WordPress. I chose WordPress to work with because of the ease of creating something, the added functionality (nothing comes close) and the publishing factor. It makes working a lot easier especially when dealing with content.

As such, I have decided to code some plugins to give back to the WordPress & bbPress Community! Most of the plugins are self explanatory but in the case that some of them are not, you can always post a comment on the plugin page.

New bbPress Admin:

WordPress/Mu Favicon:

WordPress Live Preview:

bbPress Favicon:

WordPress Admin:

7 thoughts on “WordPress & bbPress Plugins

  1. Pat

    once the plugin appears on the tools, it then takes me to a page where it asks for the path to the forum page. How do I find this information. I can't figure out how to work the forum in the buddypress/multisite dashboard.

    1. Rohan Kapoor

      You are running with BuddyPress correct? As far as I know… the current implementation of BuddyPress doesn't work with this plugin as BuddyPress blocks access to the bbPress administration page and implements limited administration itself.

      This plugin works with bbPress and WordPress together without BuddyPress however.


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