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I code in html, php, and css. My primary platform that I work on/with is WordPress. I chose WordPress to work with because of the ease of creating something, the added functionality (nothing comes close) and the publishing factor. It makes working a lot easier especially when dealing with content.

As such, I have decided to code some plugins to give back to the WordPress & bbPress Community! Most of the plugins are self explanatory but in the case that some of them are not, you can always post a comment on the plugin page.

New bbPress Admin:

WordPress/Mu Favicon:

WordPress Live Preview:

bbPress Favicon:

WordPress Admin:

7 thoughts on “WordPress & bbPress Plugins

  1. Pat

    once the plugin appears on the tools, it then takes me to a page where it asks for the path to the forum page. How do I find this information. I can't figure out how to work the forum in the buddypress/multisite dashboard.


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