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Update to Problems with Downloading my Custom Paper Deployment Tool

I know there have been severe problems with DNS (provided for free by http://xname.org) as well as web server overloads so I have finally setup deployment using Amazon’s S3 service for reliability and stability. The link on the download page has been updated to reflect that change. If you have a working copy of the download, it is not required that you uninstall and reinstall using that link, but it is recommended so that you automatically get future updates.

I would also like to note that as of now: http://xname.org DNS is now back in sync with all three of their DNS servers so my domains are routing correctly now. The plan is to eventually setup cname records to push out a new update (or two) with a seamless transition for user back to the install.rohankapoor.com install domain while still hosting on Amazon’s S3 platform. This should be seamless with an estimated 3 updates to the Custom Paper Deployment Tool. If you have not downloaded the new version since I changed the url, it is recommended that you do so, so as to not miss the updates.

Domain Change…

When I first started this blog, I owned the domain http://rohan-kapoor.com. I wanted the domain https://rohankapoor.com but unfortunately for me (at the time) the domain was owned by another Rohan Kapoor who co-incidently wasn’t using it for anything. Strangely enough, when I checked the whois records last June, I surprising found that the domain https://rohankapoor.com was available! I bought it at that time and have since been redirecting it to http://rohan-kapoor.com. Some of you may have noticed that now the exact opposite has happened. Instead I’m now redirecting from http://rohan-kapoor.com to https://rohankapoor.com. My reasoning behind that change was that the domain https://rohankapoor.com looks much better than the same domain with a dash in it. It also makes it easier to find according to many of my friends. Therefore to make it easier for friends and colleagues to find me online, I decided to move my blog over to https://rohankapoor.com. On the webserver end, this is actually so easy it’s almost a joke! As I’m running Domain Mapping to map the blog to the domain, I just simply removed the dash that the domain was mapped to and it just works! I’ve requested google to make the needed changes on their end to move the site over within their database. According to Google’s Webmaster Tools, this process is likely to take 3 months to get completed! Additionally, I need to change out the links on many of the sites I’ve worked on to say https://rohankapoor.com instead of the old address. There should be no problem contacting me because of the domain change as the two email addresses and domains are run seamlessly through Google’s Apps Service! My plan is to keep everything on https://rohankapoor.com for now!

In regards to the many subdomains of http://rohan-kapoor.com, currently they are going to stay at http://rohan-kapoor.com though at some point I will transition them over to https://rohankapoor.com. The old addresses will be seamlessly redirected with 301 Redirects which should cause no problems to the end users!

It’s good to finally be moving everything to the https://rohankapoor.com domain name! It seems more professional, you know?

Conclusion to My Sony Ericsson XPERIA Repair Woes

I’d like to have posted this sooner but it’s been a pretty busy couple of days. This is the conclusion to Tales of a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. This also is part three of the three part series.

Part 1: Tales of a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

Part 2:  Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1… The Plot Thickens

Part 3: Conclusion to My Sony Ericsson XPERIA Repair Woes (this post)

Early last week, I received a phone call from a senior member of Sony Ericsson’s Social Media Department named Jeff. This had been his second attempt to contact me but I had unable to receive to his call.

I’d like to begin with saying that I’ve really appreciated that Jeff gave me a call. It says a lot about a company if they are spending money working on their image as seen by consumers and trying to help those who have had bad experiences. It seems Sony Ericsson as a company hasn’t declined as badly as I had originally thought. It seems that they may have just a few service representatives that may have lacked the style and enthusiam that normally accompanies any experience with Sony Ericsson. I’ve quite happy to report that Jeff did have that enthusiasm and from the hour that we spent discussing, it would be safe to say that Sony Ericsson as a company still cares about their consumers, even through this economic decline.

Jeff told me that he had seen my previous two blog posts regarding my issues with the XPERIA X1. He was quite happy to explain the Sony Ericsson’s point of view regarding the problems I reported. To his and Sony Ericsson’s credit, he accepted that they had made several mistakes throughout my support experience and he was very apolegetic about it, though he personally hadn’t done anything to contribute to it. His call has gone a long way towards making me feel good about this Sony Ericcson experience, and now I probably would consider staying with Sony Ericcsoon XPERIA as my smartphone provider of choice.

I began the conversation asking Jeff what the original problem was with the XPERIA X1 that I sent in for repair. He was quick to inform me that while he didn’t have all the information (those records have kept at the repair center) he did no that it wasn’t user error or anything that I did. It was in fact a problem with the hardware of the device.

Additionally, I had a large problem with the issues of the support card. Jeff was happy to clear that up for me. It seems that the other reviews were mistaken. Not all, XPERIA X1s are shipped out with the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Support Card. Especially the ones in Singapore. It depends on the ammount of support offered in the region. In Singapore, only basic support is offerred and as such the XPERIA X1’s sold there are not shipped out with a support card.

What’s even more interesting is that the support card doesn’t make a difference in problems such as mine. I would still have had to pay shipping & handling as the support card is irrelevant in these cases. Of course this means that the original representative that I spoke with was not properly trained and gave me incorrect information. You also can’t be mad at a company for a mistake that 1 employee could have accidently made.

My next issue was regarding the long time that it took for them to inform me the status of my X1 and to then ship it out. Jeff explained that the repair center that I had shipped my phone to didn’t have as many X1’s as they realized they needed. They just had to wait till they could more shipped out to them.

My final problem(s) with this support experience was for the long time it took Sony Ericcson Support staff to get me a UPS tracking number. It took them a week from my first call to provide me with this information and that wait wasn’t appreciated… At all. Jeff said he understood how I felt and then he accepted all responsibility for this error on behalf of Sony Ericsson. As he explained it to me, what essentially happened was that the repair center called Sony Ericsson telling them a replace was needed. Sony Ericsson then called me telling me a replace was needed should they go ahead? Sony Ericsson then called repair center telling them to go ahead and ship it the next day. The next day, the repair center should have called back and given Sony Ericsson a tracking number. However they did not and as such I was not given the needed information.

In conclusion, I’m still unhappy with some of the problems that happened during my XPERIA X1’s repair service and I’m still somewhat disappointed with Sony Ericsson for their mistakes in handling this case. However, Jeff’s phone call and resulting discussion has lessened the blow for me and it is likely that I would at least consider, if not buy, another smartphone from Sony Ericsson.

Stay tuned for my Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 Review!

New bbPress Admin Updated… Again!

I released version 3.0 of New bbPress Admin today! This version is mainly a bugfix release with no new functionality. You can see the changelog for more details.

—————————- Changelog: —————————-


  • Successfully stops the Login/Logout Problem
  • Successfully stops the Headers Being Sent Problem
  • As Far As I Can Tell, It Is A Bug Free Release
  • Works with WP/WPMU 2.8.x and bbPress 1.x

2.1 Beta

  • Attempts to solve the Login/Logout Problem
  • Attempst to solve the headers Being Sent Problem


  • Second Version of bbPress Admin. It has been adapted to have a backend interface to set the forums directory.
  • Looks Neater and is much easier to use.
  • Works with WP/WPMU 2.8.2 and bbPress 1.0.1


  • First Version of bbPress Admin. It is very simple and rudimentary at this point.
  • Working with WP/WPMU 2.8.1 and bbPress 1.0.1

You can view the plugin page here. Or download directly from the WordPress Plugin Repository here.

Currently version 3.0 is the most stable version with no bugs that I know of!

Enjoy 🙂

New bbPress Admin Updated!

New bbPress Admin was officially updated last week to version 2.0. This adds a lot of stability along with a few other functions. The changelog details more…

—————————- Changelog: —————————-


  • Second Version of bbPress Admin. It has been adapted to have a backend interface to set the forums directory.
  • Looks Neater and is much easier to use.
  • Works with WP/WPMU 2.8.2 and bbPress 1.0.1


  • First Version of bbPress Admin. It is very simple and rudimentary at this point.
  • Working with WP/WPMU 2.8.1 and bbPress 1.0.1

You can find the plugin at it’s homepage. Right now Version 2.0 is stable however there are a few small bugs that are being worked on! Version 2.1 is in BETA on SVN!

Additionally, the homepage of New bbPress Admin has been updated so that it shows the most recent information (almost identical to the information on the http://wordpress.org plugin page.

Annoying Spam Problems Have Been Dealt With!

This is an exact copy of this blog post for my personal blog.

Well over the last 24 hours we had an increae in spam. I was seeing around 10 spam posts in a couple hours. I realized now that Akismet wasn’t gonna work because I would need to buy a corporate license. Looking through my options for spam protection on WordPress MU, I found this interesting looking captcha plugin that uses reCAPTCHA. Obviously, I was just a little bit intrigued because reCAPTCHA is a pretty amazing web application.

It worked better than I expected, since reCAPTCHA was installed and added it’s captcha’s to the sign up and comment form (registered and logged in users don’t see it), I have seen 0 spam! Obviously, this reCAPTCHA is some pretty good and interesting software. I may end up using it for some other projects I have been working on.

We’ll see how it goes!


The ZYROT Administrative Team!