Annoying Spam Problems Have Been Dealt With!

This is an exact copy of this blog post for my personal blog.

Well over the last 24 hours we had an increae in spam. I was seeing around 10 spam posts in a couple hours. I realized now that Akismet wasn’t gonna work because I would need to buy a corporate license. Looking through my options for spam protection on WordPress MU, I found this interesting looking captcha plugin that uses reCAPTCHA. Obviously, I was just a little bit intrigued because reCAPTCHA is a pretty amazing web application.

It worked better than I expected, since reCAPTCHA was installed and added it’s captcha’s to the sign up and comment form (registered and logged in users don’t see it), I have seen 0 spam! Obviously, this reCAPTCHA is some pretty good and interesting software. I may end up using it for some other projects I have been working on.

We’ll see how it goes!


The ZYROT Administrative Team!


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