Original Printable Notepads

It has come to my attention that many users are having trouble getting their printers to print out the printable notepads from Livescribe Desktop.  In the interest of helping people, I have (using HP Universal Printing PS) obtained the Livescribe Postscript files, then converted them using Acrobat Distiller to PDF. These files are working very well on either a black & white or color laser printer as long as page scaling is turned off. I hope these files will help you too!! If anyone’s interested, I can post the original PS files.

Since I have had a lot of questions about these files, I would like to explain it simply, in a way that is understandable to everyone: these files are created from files distributed with Livescribe Desktop. You do not need to deploy an AFD file to use them as the latest (and some of the older) smartpen firmware include them already. Simply download, and print on your black & white or color laser printer after disabling page scaling.

Let me know if you have any problems or questions.

Printable Notepad 1 – Lined

Printable Notepad 2 – Lined

Printable Notepad 3 – Lined

Printable Notepad 4 – Lined

142 thoughts on “Original Printable Notepads

  1. Lee

    Can not get this paper to work. I also am trying to develope for my own use, could you help! PLEASE E-MAil..

  2. Kellie

    Yes! I was surprised these finally work. I've tried for a year to get a workable paper from my own printer. Thank you, excellent work.


  3. kevin

    Excellent thanks from a new user who has spent all day trying to get these damn things to print properly using the other options, wish I had found this 8 hours ago lol.


  4. mal

    I am completely new to all this but hoping I can use this for CAD
    Any chance you can post a 24×36 or 11×17 size sheet.
    thanks in advance

  5. Seemi

    Thank you SO much for posting these! I needed to print these on label sheets for my classroom and I couldn't do it without buying a new printer. You have made my life so much easier.

  6. Ulli


    great work. Is it possible for you to generate some A4 files? Can I use each file twice or more or only one Time? Does it work out of the box or do I have to manipulate the pen's firmware?

  7. Pascale


    Your work is interesting but excuse me for that simple-minded question. is it possible to print a notepad with a inkjet printer ? I feel I can't. The paper is grey and the livesribe says "upload the smartpen's software to use the dot paper". Thanks for your help. In France it's difficult to find notepads :-(.

  8. Mal

    Hey Rohan
    You seem quite knowledgeable. I have been on the livescribe for a number of weeks and no clear answer.
    It many make a good article.
    The livescribe pen, why can it not be configured to work with other paper products, specifically with other desktop products like Xpaper and Anoto PenDocument

  9. IhanaT

    hey, I think this is great help

    the sad thing is I wasn't able to use it

    I downloaded the file, opened it, hit print and it printed out a page of dot paper but when I tried my pen on it, nothing happened :S any ideas of why it doesn't work?

  10. terri

    So nice of you to post these files!
    I'm afraid my home laser b/w printer may not work them though – one of the printer options is Half-Toning and all the options give the same kind of result – a semi-random dot pattern. Doesn't sound like this printer will handle it, does it?


  11. Tobin Perry

    Why when I print these files and hit record on the sheet, it says I need to update my pen's software? When I plug in my pen it says I have the most recent version of my pen's software? I'm new user and using a MAC right now.


    Tobin Perry

  12. Bill

    Thanks Rohan,

    My pen is coming any day now! I've printed these out in anticipation of "messing around" a lot before I use the official notepads that come with the pen.


  13. Justin Dunham

    Well done, sir! I had trouble printing from livescribe desktop but this worked like a charm (after waiting for the PDF to load). As you reported, I'm able to get black-and-white pages to work as well, which makes the boss happy. Thanks!

  14. Saphy

    Thank you so much Rohan, I needed this for class and finally I can print it. Great Great Help!! Thanks!! (:

  15. oliviermar

    Thank you! Printing usable files worked perfectly , and quickly with my HP photosmart c510. (Set p at resolution of 600 * 600)._Printing five pages took exactly five minutes in color. I did not try in B&W._However, I did not succeed to get a usable print with my other HP c6200 (also in 600*600)

  16. Oraz

    Thank you very much! Couldn't figure out how to get them… For Mac though took lot of time to load them and had to force quit Preview coz it was consuming all the memory. However it worked fine with Acrobat.
    Thanks a lot!

  17. Bhasker.

    Hi Rohan,

    When I open the pdf file, it shows up with grey background.

    When I print it, it's prints with grey back ground '1mm' square

    inch grey boxes all over.

    I am using adobe reader X (version: 10.1). Not sure how to overcome

    this problem. Thanks.

  18. Christophe

    Hi Rohan, If I understand right, I just need to print your pdf file with a printer that support 600dpi and that's all it works ?
    Black and white is working or does I need a Color laserjet ?

    thx a lot for your answer.

  19. Jim Morrissett

    I Hope I can interest you in this idea. I want to record audio with my LS Echo Pen independent of the notebook temporarily.
    I want to be able to speak to the pen in complete darkness, and be able to PAUSE then pen. For this, it would be handy to have a small, say 3"x5" card or pad with a very large "Pause" button in the center, and large enough "Record" and "Stop" buttons at the top and bottom of the pad. I could then tap the pen on these buttons in the dark, without needing to have a light on to find the very small buttons ordinarily provided on notebook pages. Could you or someone copy and paste these buttons and repeat them enough times accurately (with Photoshop? I don't have it just now on my Macbook Pro) to create a pad or card like this? I would want the center PAUSE button to be at least 2"x 2,"–perhaps 3"x3" on a 3×5 card?

    Other folks might LOVE to have this. I certainly would!!!

    Jim Morrissett, k6mh@amsat.org

  20. Ian

    Thank you so much – can anyone tell me what the difference between the 4 Notepads? I can't see any, but maybe it is size?

  21. ASPIV

    Do the notebooks have to be activated or anything?? Silly question I know, but on the notebooks you have to "tap here before using". Didn't know if that was the same with the printable paper too?? Thanks

  22. brigannj

    AWESUM, Rohan! Worked beautifully from the get-go! Just saved the PDF to my Desktop and printed 25 double-sided sheets that work like the ones I purchase. Now, if you could figure out another PDF for the smaller sized note pads that would be AWESUMx2!
    No pressure 😉 THANKs, again!
    Tony S.
    Brigantine, NJ

  23. ilium007

    Any chance for an A4 version ?? You say the page should not be scaled so I assume these are foolscap ?? Thanks for the work !

  24. Derrik

    I tried to use the pdf notebooks, printing without fitting image to scale, with an upgraded pen, and my pen says I need to upgrade. What is the deal?

  25. MertBert

    WORKS!!! And I don't even think my printer is a laserjet (HP Deskjet 1051). But I made sure to print it in the highest of quality and NOT to scale it.

  26. Darrin Parker

    Hi I am about to buy my first livescribe smartpen and love the idea of being able to print my own notepaper etc. However as a law student I need approximately 200 pages per notebook for four subjects per semester. I have downloaded your files and would like to develop my own larger notebooks. I no idea where to begin, your advice and assistance will be appreciated


  27. MMah

    Hello Rohan,

    First of all, thanks a bunch for doing something that even LiveScribe didn't care to do for its customers.

    I printer the papers and they work great, however there is one slight problem.

    I noticed that the original notepads that come with the pen have a much lighter background, almost white or very light grey.

    The papers in your pdfs have a very dark grey background which makes it challenging to read the material on the paper (of course it doesnt matter if you only care about the digital version, but still some people like to keep paper records :)

    Can you please tell me how to fix this?


  28. Yusuf

    Thank you for this service.
    I have printed the 1st book, but it doesnt seem to work.
    I have used a network printer :

    My printer is a canon iRC2380i http://www.canon-europe.com/for_work/products/off
    It supports post script and has 1200 DPI.

    I have read through the comments, and turned off scaling.
    Is it correct for my paper to still have a white border around the paper around the edges.

    Any tips/tweaks will be highly appreciated.

  29. Popa

    I thank you very much! This files work great on hp f380 inkjet. :) Good luck in your work !

    I tried also to print the Pdf files from "Custom Paper Deployment Tool", using the same printer settings but come out too dark and the pen does not recognize them. Do you think you can change that files to have the same characteristics as those on this page, who coming out brighter and works perfectly ?

  30. PFFan

    Printed using black cartridge only using an HP OfficeJet 7500 and it worked great… the only thing is the page gets a little too gray, but using blue ink worked well.

    I'd like to print A3 unlined blocks

    Where a spec of the page structure can be found?

    thanks Rohan

  31. ambersun5000

    hi there thank you for giving live scribe users an alternate to that offered by the desktop but i was wondering if you could help me. when i attempt to print from the desktop im told by the program that there is a printing error and i have attempted to print all of the notepads you have offered on this site without luck and was hoping you could assist me. i think perhaps my printer is where the problem lies im using the KODAK hero 9.1 and when i send your notepad to it to be printed it appears to begin, makes a little noise and prints nothing could you recommend something please….? thank you !


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