Changing Screen Saver Options on Ubuntu 9.04

For all the user benefits it offers, Ubuntu seems to lack a lot in the Screen Saver options. Sure there may be hundreds of them to choose from but any user of windows (argh) can tell you that any good screen saver is supposed to have user configurable options. At first glance, it appears that Ubuntu doesn’t have any screen saver options. I have to admin I was flabbergasted. Of course, I turned to my favorite tool, Gnome DO to search google. Interestingly enough, It turned out that the software used for screen saver is Gnome Screensaver with no config options. However you can install xscreensaver and use it to configure the options for gnome-screensaver. Seems a little roundabout for my liking but it works.

5 thoughts on “Changing Screen Saver Options on Ubuntu 9.04

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