More Lined Notepads for Livescribe?

I’ve already released 4 50 page notepads of lined notepads for Livescribe. Download: . This gives a total of 200 unique printable usable pages before one has to archive to use them again. I’ve had several requests from people for more lined notepads. I have considered making them for my own use as well. I decided it would be best to take a public poll and see how many people actually would find additional lined notepads useful. If more people want them than not, I will be quite happy to create and license another 2 for now. If/when more are needed, they can be added as well. I have my original templates for the lined notepads so with a few modifications to the vector graphics files and a new paper project with the SDK, it will be fairly simple to generate the needed notepads.

My other projects for the Livescribe Smartpens are available here.

Thanks for sharing your opinion!

Do you want more lined notepads for Livescribe?

  • Yes (96%, 239 Votes)
  • No (4%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 249

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EDIT 8/22/11 @ 12:18 PM EST: The poll has been closed for a while and I have released four more notepads. All are downloadable from here:

9 thoughts on “More Lined Notepads for Livescribe?

  1. Allun


    could you point me to any info on custom paper with LD for mac OSX? I have read many of your posts on the official LS forums in the last couple of weeks, and the availability of your work was one of the things that made me feel confident buying the Echo pen in the end as I really would miss graph paper and your extra notepads! Now I just want to get away from running LD in a virtual machine just for custom paper… appreciated! thanks :-)

  2. nwilliams102

    Hello, I am new to developing in livescribe and was wondering if you would be willing to produce a basic tutorial about how to take an EPS image and turn it into custom paper for a notebook. All of the examples seem to be more complex than that or are based on other files that seem to create all kinds of additional complication. I have posted this question in the livescribe forum, but you seem to be the most active member so I thought I would try to post to your site directly. I would even be willing to pay something for a good step by step document of how to do this.



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