Problems Downloading Custom Paper Deployment Tool

Recently I’ve talked about a new tool I’ve released for Livescribe Smartpens, my Custom Paper Deployment Tool, which allows users (running Windows) to deploy any of my custom papers (and soon any other custom paper) to any Livescribe Smartpen now that the Development Program has officially ended and Livescribe will no longer support Custom Paper and third-party development.

I’ve noticed that many users are having problems connecting to the download page ( and have traced the problem with it. The DNS servers I use, run by are having a replication problem and the primary DNS server is serving the correct data while the secondary DNS server is serving incorrect data that is two months out of date. As far as I know, XName is aware of the problem and will hopefully have a fix soon. I’ve also noticed much higher load on my web-server as the download files are quite large and the demand is quite high.

The solution appears to be providing an alternate download location (which I will probably use Amazon’s S3 service for). Unfortunately, I am currently quite far from the my development computer and will be unable to modify the manifest file to change that location until I return. I can recommend trying to use Google’s DNS ( until I am able to resolve this as it is bringing more accurate results. I apologize for the delay.

2 thoughts on “Problems Downloading Custom Paper Deployment Tool

    1. Rohan Kapoor

      I will not be directly adding the Cornell Notebooks to this tool (as I didn't create them) but the next major revision of the tool (I'm working on it as quickly as I can) will have the ability to select the .afd files (or a folder full of .afd files and deploy them which would allow you to download the Cornell Notebooks from Kass's website and deploy them using the tool.


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