Custom Paper Deployment Tool Updated to

I pushed out an update to Custom Paper Deployment Tool today with updated template files. All 32 of the template PDF files have been regenerated with a new process to lighten them. On consumer laser printers, this should now make a significant difference, making the dots much lighter as well as making it much easier to see the template in the background. In testing done, there has been no effect to recognition with the Smartpens. This change affected only the PDF files – you will not have to redeploy the AFD files. Unfortunately, due to the security certificate expiring, it is possible that you may have to uninstall the installed version and then install the new version instead of directly updating. I have taken steps to ensure this won’t happen again.

Thanks for using Custom Paper Deployment Tool!

14 thoughts on “Custom Paper Deployment Tool Updated to

  1. Vinny

    Hey Rohan,

    Thanks for keeping up the great work on this tool!

    Do you have any updates on whether you're able to get your templates to work for the Sky pens? I'm looking for some A4 templates that work on Sky pens – all they have on their website are letter templates, which is terribly annoying for anyone living anywhere other than the US!

    1. Rohan Kapoor

      Hi Vinny,

      It doesn't look likely that it will ever be possible. Livescribe is not planning at all to release a Desktop SDK for the sky pen – they are only planning on releasing a mobile SDK sometime in the first half of this year. If/when it arrives – I will certainly try to build compatibility with the tools.

  2. chavan

    Hello Mr.rohan
    Please answer my question, are we still able to use your deployment tool?
    All i need is A4 sized printable version of the live scribe notebooks, i want to print it. I don't have a developer account just fyi. Please reply me asap and thank you for your great work.

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