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Quick Review: Lord of the Flies

As part of my summer reading work this year, I had to read Lord of the Flies by William Golding. The book begins with a bunch of boys crash landed on a deserted island. It’s kind of confusing in the beginning as it doesn’t state why the boys landed on the island and seems to rush at times. However after the first couple of chapters, the story line begins to make a lot of sense and you understand who the characters are and why they are there.

The book portrays people who are educated, young, and have the potential to become gentlemen. It shows that even the best/worst of us can’t handle a stressful situation for a long time. Slowly, all of the boys begin to go a little insane till they start attacking and even killing each other in a fight for survival. It shows how the basic neaderthal structure still exists within all humans even today and it just takes a little push to throw perfectly well civilized people off the deep end into the throws of chaos, confusion, and savagery. The sad part is that the Britesh Naval Officers who rescue them don’t understand that the boys are going insane and they continue to believe it’s just a game concocted by the boys to wile away the time.

Setting: World War II, Deserted Island, Around 1940

Main Characters: Ralph, Piggy, SamnEric, Jack, Simon

Overall: 4/5 – Would have gotten 5 if it wasn’t as vague in the beginning.

Recommended: Yes